I just love you❤️

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What do i say, what do i convey to you?

I have been no good, I have to tell something, dont have way to you!!

Life has ups & downs, people make carpets & crowns!!

But still , there are people who feel it but never say to you!!

I believed in you more than me, my belief is still onn!!

I wish i could show you, make you feel! I live no life because of you!!

No, i dont blame it, neither i wanna claim it! Its just that promise, i still stick to you!!

Care , may be you think well, you must be doing good, i wanna greet always!!

Its us, we could have been more of life, i see all wisdom but divine in you!!

Dolled up, all cheered but soul soothing , one personality!!

I would live without you, i would love without you, i just love you!!



Love Happens❤

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The first crush, second blush & third i died!!

wanted to date you, love you, to turn my bride!!

three promise i’ll make, girl other than you will never date!!

i’ll be gentleman, man with liberty & love, with you i win every checkmate!

last is the life, princess, the sunsign all will be you!!

but before everything, want few consents from you!!

I’ll take care of your 10,000 tantrums,will you take care of my winter’s rum!!

I’ll remember our anniversary, would you remember our car service history!!

our ma n pa , will get two each, can v share equal love n donot breach!!

i hv red carpet for you, would you mind keep my love for life!!

the things will broke, i’ll make them back, your smile even if your heels & swag!!

your faith in me, strong enough, i m bluffmaster, with you baby i cant bluff!!

the short story I mentioned, pour love in it!!

once you gonna wear my ring, you’ll start lovin it!!
Bharat singhal😘

flashback of 100 days ;)

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when we met, things were grounded, end of the day was all set!!

you smiled, greeted through text, what else could i expect!!

you were more of cutebomb, i had no inclination!!

since you lift my smile frequencies, you became my dedication!!

you had no man, all sweet,all honest and surrendered!!

what else you lacked then, you missed a standard!!

no other worries left with you except that serene heart!!

you were all honest and promising soul, you met a sweetheart!!

things went good, somehow days were so happy!!

we had good connection, lil lil by heart, cell or lappy!!

later a day was soo worst, worst was your ability to trust in we!!

i had still no inclination, still you were my determination!!

better smile become worst diary, friendship turned scary!!

but what destiny could choose, you left me unanswered, making me of no use!!

still the pain has no space in me, like the smiles in we!!

god bless you with my blessings, or smiles in me!!




Her Heals~His Heart ‘sync’

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one fine day, when the sky was Gray, she came & kissed forehead
she came closer,she cried black tears before i could think ahead

never saw her this down, always saw under diamond crown
i couldn’t judge, what went wrong, what made her so brown?

i stepped forward, i hugged tighter, i kissed softly
she smiled lighter, a little brighter, winked gently

my eyes were gazing into her eyes, asking what was supposed to ask?
she weep with a sniff, holding my hands as if given a tough task

she is my lady, since we joined play school,where we shared lunch
days passed, things had change, now we are together facing the crunch

she smiled little soft, given a love expression, sinked my aggression
but things were still unanswered, was hanging between love & invasion

eyes closed down,was looking for an answer, she had to give
tears rolled,somehow if something has broken, kindly please forgive

closed eyes being the victim of love,was begging for love eternity
she again kissed forehead, asked me to remain folded, like immortality

i heard tik tok of her heals, my heartbeats were synchronising
my wet eyes were unfolding,she was dissapearing like a black night like sun rising

unfolded answers, million memories and one high feeling
heart is still beating like tik tok & like a love, APPEALING…..

Thanks & loVe

sorry, that was intense and nowhere related to me or any of my friend. 😀

as one intense post was asked. promise accomplished and published.



Wish You Could Be My AngeL :)

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Wish you could be my angel, but you will have to throw your mind!!

B’cz when we fall for each other, the mind makes all feelings grind!!

you smile i smile but some memories some things some wiles!!

some flashback some promises some tantrums some drive for miles!!

we make fun we are happy but how we carry it for life!!

we can live together we can die too but some moves sharper than knife!!

care and concern, love for me , i am afraid to lose the real you in me!!

when you say a good-bye, this feels the bad and snatches the spree!!

i wish love remains the same always, restrict us to get entangle!!

my baby my bubble being with you solves all my trouble!!

wishes remains half mysteries unsolved but feelings shines like gold!!

And i wish you could be my angel and i could be so bold!!

Demanded 🙂



Raasleela ;)

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Enjoy a flashback of love:-

Nikle the vrindavan ki galiyon me, dhundne kuch prem rang!!

Ghumte hue idhar se udhar mile kanha jee radha jee sang!!

Puch baithe humse kya dhoond rahe ho bhare baazar main!!

Muskura diye hum, keh baithe aapko dhund rahe the holi khelan saath main!!

Rang liya b na the rang diye gaye hum shri raadha jee ke haath se!!

Kya mauka paate rangne ka radha jee ko, kanha jee jo the saath me!!

Bhar bhar pichkaari ek duje par barsa rahe the!!

Rang daal daal ek duje pe, bhaga bhaga hasa rahe the!!

Rok kanha jee ko radha jee beech bazar me boli!!

Ek shart pe khelu holi,keh wo apni shart ko boli!!

” ek shart pe khelun holi, jeetun to tujhko paaun, gar haru main to teri ho jaun” ❤️

Happy Holi 🙂

love & regards

Bharat singhal

Laut Aana :’)

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Kabhi dhadkan kahe laut chal to laut aana!!
Kahi behke kadam, ya nazre jhuke, leke bahana koi laut aana!!
Halki baarish , ek sikura chai ka, uss yaad ke liye laut aana!!
Wo char kadam, wo ek kasam, kuch waqt ke liye laut aana!!
Meri aankhen nam, tuti muskan, use jodne laut aana!!
Wo haath me haath wo waada kacha, use sach karne laut aana!!
Wo tera hasna, tera hasana, uss pal ke liye laut aana!!
Kabhi dhadkan kahe, kadam ruke, leke bahana koi laut aana!!

dedicated post 🙂

Love & Regard

Bharat singhal :*

December Spirit :)

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It was first weekend December, those were days to remember!!
I had good friends to play, i was wet, dirty and covered with clay!!
They were smiles, they were freaks, they were brothers from different mothers!!
We were four but the bicycles were three, i had a basket ball, used to play free!!
So the sunshine smiles we shared, we had four mom’s each one of us got cared!!
We used to go school together, No matter whats the distance & the weather!!
So the holidays came faster, each of us felt like holiday Blaster!!
We planned holidays together, we planned to stay together!!
We were excited to welcome snowfall, we were waiting for santa call!!
We kept a note beside the pillow, we had the fruits sweet like mellow!!
We slept to welcome the dreams,we slept together to share screams!!
It was bright weekend, bright like snowy western trend!!
we have happiness, we had all the mess, we had all the race!!

We have togetherness, we had all fun, we had all un dos tres!!

Smile, Its about each of us 🙂


Bharat Singhal 🙂

Good~Boy 2 Good~Bye

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Journey has started from the moonshine!!
Smiles has enlightened it & feelings were divine!!
Respect i always had, carried smile all the while!!
You were there to mend things, u brought me smiles!!
Trust and faith, the togetherness, promises were there!!
What a moment? when u said?, i am here from today to forever there!!
Broken smile, mend into wet weep, so the warmth of you, swept the grief!!
So you couldn’t carry the trust, you loose it all,you took away all the relief!!
Hey, never repeat it again, it takes years to smile, seconds to scatter!!
Because when you make broken heart again, instead of breaking, leaving it would’ve been Better
I had no intention, intentions to be in love with you, neither i have ever been!!
But lacking all trust, all the faith in me, created this seen!!
I always promised, promised to be faith full & i surrendered to the serenity!!
But my dear friend you couldn’t read those eyes, it had all the divinity!!
If ever you were honest to me, your words were true to me!!
Kindly say a sweet goodbye, the hope end words to me!!

Aah don’t worry, I am happy friends!!

Love & Regards

Bharat Singhal 😀 :*

Have Faith ~ :)

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No matter what i follow, I follow your smile!!

Never believe someone else, Faith is fragile!!

The walks together, The memories fades away!!

The faith , The belief & Smiles gets sway!!

When hands were in hands, We crossed miles!!

When we’re apart, People smile n try wiles!!

Have faith, Faith in yourself to feel contented!!

Because no other person can give you that, It is demented!! 🙂

love & regards

Bharat Singhal